Shaker Style

Shaker Style

Kitchen Design


Hand made by Creative Wood.
This custom island is made from solid maple finish with a raw stained look. The main kitchen is a hand painted solid shaker style in-frame. Hand finished to the highest quality with unique intricacies throughout.

Neo Georgian

This Classical Georgian Kitchen with spacious surrounding island, the perfect entertaining space, with luxury and sophistication embroidered throughout. The attention to detail makes the difference between average and stunning.

Featured in Decor Magazine

Furniture and Cabinetry designed and detailed by Maria Fagan.
Handmade by Creative Wood, Westport Co. Mayo.


German recess grip rail kitchen with stunning vistas of Clew Bay.
This contract was developed from concept through to finalisation to encompass the surrounding beauty that this space has to offer

Designer: Maria Fagan
Supplied: Creative Wood
Worktops: Coastal fabrication